Cooking is hard, but never fear, the Lazy Fuck’s are here!

If even we can do it, so can YOU!

Values & Why

  • We want to eat good, but cooking ain’t our hobby.
  • Measuring is scary - all recipes are forgiving & concepts are simple: 1 bag of this, some can of this, etc.

Time to First Bite

What is Time to First Bite? We’re tired of trying recipes (looking at you Hello Fresh, especially) that have, shall we say, optimistic, time estimates. CFLF promises to be honest with you, and tell you how long it will take from opening the fridge to sitting down and taking the first bite.

Time To First Bite = 
  (Open fridge to get ingredients) ->
    (Sitting down and taking first bite)

But what about < Insert Other Option>?

Ok, but if cooking like a lazy fuck is so great, what about the other options we’ve all been using?

Eating out🤔
Factor (or similar) reheatable meal services
Meal kits (hello fresh, etc.)
Frozen burritos and similar garbage
⭐Cooking like a Lazy Fuck
  • Eating out at restuarants
    • It’s either expensive and healthy, or cheap fast food
  • Factor or similar reheatable meals/meal services
    • Healthy ones are prohibitively expensive
    • Cheap ones are garbage for you
  • Meal kits (hello fresh, etc.)
    • In our experience, their recipes have been slower & have tiny portions
  • Frozen burritos and similar garbage
    • Quick, easy, but not great for your health
  • Soylent
    • Fast, easy, but only a small number of people we’ve talked to are willing to even try it, let alone use it for consistent part of their dient.

So that leaves us with cooking healthy-ish foods at home, and trying to minimize how much time that takes - aka, Cooking like a Lazy Fuck.

Questions / Comments / Contact

If you have questions or comments, reach out through our email.