🧑‍🍳 Cooking for Lazy Fucks

You hate cooking… but if you don’t eat, you dead ☠️
The Lazy Fuck’s recipes aim to minimize time spent while not eating McDonald’s everyday.

The Lazy Fuck’s Cooking Manifesto

  • • 🧼 I don’t want to clean more than a couple dishes.
  • • 📐 I don’t want to have to measure anything more precise than “1 can”.
  • • 🙅 I don’t want to deal with lots of ingredients or hard to find ones.
  • • 💸 I don’t want to break the bank.
  • • 🚮I don’t want to eat complete garbage like fast food or frozen burritos.
    If a Lazy Fuck can do it, you can to!
    But what about < Fast Food, Hello Fresh, etc. >?↗️

Freaky Fried Rice

🗣️ Minimal Intro Super simple - no chopping required, just take frozen fried rice, then add eggs and a veggie like shredded cabbage to extend and make it last for more meals. ⏲️ Time to First Bite (15 mins) About 15 minutes. ~10 minutes to cook the frozen fried rice & eggs. ~5 minutes grabbing ingredients and dicking around while singing along with Taylor Swift. 🍳 Dishes Needed (1) 1 Pan (Not counted) 1 bowl to eat out of 🍠 Ingredients (3) 🍚 Frozen Fried Rice (Trader Joe’s has a nice Japanese Fried Rice, but most grocery stores should have something similar....

March 19, 2023 Â· 1 min Â· 194 words Â· The Lazy Fuck

Easy Egg Roll in a Bowl

🗣️ Minimal Intro A shitty stir-fry-esque meal of meat + carrots + cabbage, other veggies/rice are optional additions to make it last longer. This recipe can be extra quick if your local grocery store sells pre-shredded bags of carrots & cabbage. ⏲️ Time to First Bite (20 mins) About 20 mins. ~10 mins to cook the meat Any extra veggie prep can happen in parallel ~10 mins to cook down the veggies 🍳 Dishes Needed (1) 1 Pan (Not counted) 1 bowl to eat out of 🚫 Number of Meals I Don’t Have to Cook 6-8 adult servings 10+ if you extend it with rice 🍠 Ingredients (min....

March 8, 2023 Â· 2 min Â· 292 words Â· The Lazy Fuck