🗣️ Minimal Intro

Super simple - no chopping required, just take frozen fried rice, then add eggs and a veggie like shredded cabbage to extend and make it last for more meals.

⏲️ Time to First Bite (15 mins)

About 15 minutes.

  • ~10 minutes to cook the frozen fried rice & eggs.
  • ~5 minutes grabbing ingredients and dicking around while singing along with Taylor Swift.

🍳 Dishes Needed (1)

  • 1 Pan
  • (Not counted) 1 bowl to eat out of

🍠 Ingredients (3)

  • 🍚 Frozen Fried Rice (Trader Joe’s has a nice Japanese Fried Rice, but most grocery stores should have something similar.)
  • 🥚 Eggs
  • 🥬 Shredded Cabbage/other fresh veggie alternative (frozen can be done as well if you throw it in right away with the fried rice.)

🍲 Recipe

  • Heat your pan on Med-High heat with a little oil.
  • Toss the Frozen Fried rice in your plan.
  • Add the veggies after 2-4 minutes, once it stops looking so frozen.
  • After 3 more minutes, create an empty circle in the middle by pushing all the fried rice to the edges of the pan - then crack 2-5 eggs in the middle and let them cook.